Wednesday 26 September 2012

DIY Digest: Dead On Trend

Sugar skulls meet studs and sparkle.

Following Sunday's technical tour-de-force, I thought I'd share one of my easier outings. It's my first of the current season and while it wasn't part of the plan to start so late, I thought I'd tickle your creative tastebuds with a titbit of simple-yet-effective problem solving. I simulated the metallic rhinestone effect with bronze metallic paint and added a few colours into the mix, plus a few studs I happened top have lying around. It wasn't the first time I've seen it done but if you're relatively new to crafting or, perhaps haven't the confidence to take on some of my more ambitious projects, I'd definitely recommend it - from experience.

So, from my experience to yours...

You will need

A black t-shirt (mine cost £7) N.B. Choose one with a fairly thin, ideally translucent fabric

Bronze fabric paint - the type that comes in squeezy bottles. I find that fabric paint from pots is too runny

Green, silver and brown fabric paint - optional (ideally in potted form, like these)

The following print-out, A4 size:

...and a clear plastic surface to cover it, like a binder sleeve

How it's done

In a good light, simply place your skull printout in a clear sleeve and under your top, then trace it out with dots of bronze paint along the edge.

You can get some quite nice effects, including long spiky studs...

... and rounded rhinestones, especially if the paint you choose has a nice metallic sheen...

My version

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