Monday 10 December 2012


Why All Saints' Teague pendant needn't be out of your league!

You will need

Amendment: I found that the glue gun wasn't strong enough for the metal pieces I worked with and the necklace wound up needing repair, so I would recommend using car body filler. I know it sounds random but it's strong and the necklace hasn't broken since.



I'm going to plonk this one right in the middle because as fun as it was to jazz it up with gems aplenty, it proved a bit of a bugger to put together towards the end.


About 4 hours. Again, the one headache of the whole process came at the end when I had to put the various bits together but apart from that it's pretty straightforward.

Let's go deco!

Join your large picture hooks by using the glue and split pins. Line the holes up, put the split pins through them and split them.

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