Sunday 2 December 2012

I'll be damasked - how to crochet a Stella McCartney-style damask jumper

You will need

A black chunky, relatively loosely knitted jumper

A 4mm crochet hook

About 4 large balls (pfffffff - mustn't giggle!) of indigo wool - mine cost £1.69 each from Hobbycraft

Thread scissors

Gold felt pen for marking out your design

Copious patience and time at your disposal - this is an enjoyable, therapeutic project but it takes ages and works best as a slow-burning, ongoing affair.



This tutorial involves basic crocheting and sketching but it is fiddly in places.


All I know is this one's a long'un, as in several weekends and weeks worth of evenings. I suppose good things come to those who wait,.. or who spend their gloomy winter evenings snuggled up in bed in a onesie with cocoa, a TV (or laptop for those who consider television beneath them), a crocheting project and the zeal of a dependent addict who can only think about where her next bout of crocheting is coming from.

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