Sunday 13 January 2013

Izzy Whizzy - How to DIY a pair of Isabel Marant Blackson Boots

Give fashion rut the boot, bohemian style with Isabel Marant's Blackson beauties.

Now that 2013's well and truly upon us, I thought I'd mark the occasion as being a decade since the Vogue debut of designer Isabel Marant, a designer whose trademark bohemian detailing arose from customising old army jackets and other clothing remnants in her bedroom. No, I can't think who else could possibly spring to mind, either!

You will need

Black pointed ankle boots with high or conical heels

About half a square metre of black leather

Sewing machine with a leather needle

Gold gel pen

One reel each of red and white thread

Craft mount

Pattern paper and pins

Gemstone glue


Small all-purpose scissors


About 4-6 hours. I took much longer because I did certain things wrong and learnt the hard way – you’ll be pleased to know I’ve adapted the instructions of this entry accordingly. All will become clear later on. I’ve also included some free pattern pieces which took me ages to trace so that’s another four hour saving for you, or thereabout.



Again, going on the method I just used, my scissor dial would be way onto the right-hand side as it proved very fiddly. Again, trust my tried and tested advice for this one and you should be fine.

 These boots were made for crafting…

Trace out the above shapes twice onto your leather using a gold gel pen or a similar opaque marker.

Machine sew along or just inside your lines, first in red then in white. DO NOT cut out your pieces first. I didn’t put that in capitals for nothing. I did exactly that and lived to regret it. It makes sewing the lines super fiddly and near-on impossible.

Once you’ve sewn your lines in place, cut your pieces out using your scalpel, leaving ample space for your sewing lines at the edges so that you don’t cut into them.

Cover the back sections of one of your boots with pattern paper and trace around the edges. Fold your leather in half, pin your pieces down and cut them out. Craft mount your leather to your boots. If you get any stray corners that don’t stick, dab them with gemstone glue, rather than spraying (and ruining) your whole boot.

Craft mount your top stitched pieces to your boots, ensuring they’re in the same place on each one.

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