Thursday 24 January 2013

For Your Inspiration: Digital Love

A new year's resolution - ahem! - I mean, blog feature I'm setting out to do for my midweek update is a trend and inspiration collage of all the potential projects I see in on-trend items. This 90s-rich, retro-digital trend of pixels and neons was quite a sentimental one for me, reminding me of the technology of the decade, the games, the colours (can we bring back neon slap bracelets? Scrunchies can stay behind) and the colour separation, as is the case in the Catherine Malandrino dress on the left. Genuinely, that reminded me of doing chromatography in chemistry class, for which I dangled strips of coloured coffee filter paper in water, watched as the dyes separated and thought "If DIY fashion bloggers dared do the same..." Okay, the last point was a more creative, less accurate take on my memories but if they come into fruition, you know where you'll hear it first...

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