Sunday 14 April 2013

Katrantzou's got the cream: How to DIY a Mary Katrantzou print clutch

Make a big impression with bold print, courtesy of Katrantzou.

You will need

A zipped bag (Mine was actually made from strong paper and came from this Ebay seller)

Paper (If your bag isn't made from it, like mine)

Craft Mount (Again, if your bag isn't made from paper)

Pencil and eraser

Felt tips (as many colours as possible. Mine were spares from home and a bog standard Crayola set from Hobbycraft costing £3.99)

Clear car lacquer


Very Easy

...And I bet there you were thinking colouring in was for kids!


Mine took about 5 hours but it depends on the designs you choose to do.

Operation cut, stick 'n' colour...

If you aren't working straight onto paper, craft mount a sheet to the front and back of your bag, even if you're not doing both sides, just for consistency. Use your pencil and eraser to sketch out your design.


Colour them in (woohoo!)

Blast the whole bag with clear car lacquer.

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