Sunday 4 August 2013

Haute Lips - How to DIY a Stella McCartney Resort 2014 Lace Dress

Stella McCartney gives it some lip in her Resort 2014 collection.

Following my latest trend-related entry, I thought I'd give you another easy, ahead-of-the-curve tutorial inspired by the Resort 2014 trend for net and lace as a key feature (as recommended by

You will need...

... and a sewing machine


Very easy

...and super quick - by the way, that last point's coming from an easily-distracted faffer so you've got no excuse!


About an hour and a half - like I say, I faffed about a lot so it'll probably take you even less time.

Give it some heart - and lips!

Fold your lace in half to ensure that your shapes will be symmetrical - you could hold it in place with some pins to make it easier - and cut out your lip and heart shapes.

Craft mount them to your dress. Technically, fabric is within most good craft mounts' bonding remits but it's still best to secure your pieces by sewing them, once you've placed them exactly where you want them. Your heart shape should be quite big so you will need to sew across it several times to keep it completely flat once the glue loses its hold.

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