Monday 26 August 2013

Marc and Mirror - how to DIY a Marc by Marc Jacobs geometric necklace

Continuing the curb chain craze with a mirrored masterpiece from Marc.
Marc by Marc Jacobs Giant Gems printed silk and crystal necklace

You will need

N.B: Contrary to what the picture suggests, you will need a large slab of polymer clay in order to make your mirrored sections, or three normal-sized blocks in the same colour - I chose black.

Buy your jump rings in bulk - you can't have too many for this one. I got a pack of 100.



I have no reason to lie here, this DIY did have its fiddly moments, although I wouldn't call it difficult.


A full day - 6 or so hours, I think - but I wasn't really keeping track too closely, as one does when one's as pleasurably lost in a project as I was.

Total Cost

I don't usually go into detail in this particular category but this project was definitely more of an indulgence-motivated outing than a recycling or economical one. The total came to about £23 but, as those who know me will agree, I couldn't help myself. It's also a lot less than £202, which the original cost!

Get it in the necklace!

Fold your ribbons and chains in half, securing the latter in place by attaching your fastening at the tips, using your jump rings.

Tie each of your ribbons - at the centre - to the bases of your chains (the opposite ends to the clasps). Knot them twice.
Plait your ribbons and chains. The three sections should comprise two separate strands of ribbon and two chains together. Tie the ends of the ribbon as close to the end as you possibly can, cut away the excess ribbon and secure the edges with your glue gun to prevent fraying.
Cut 5 large pieces of clay about 0.5cm in thickness, wedge a pattern of mosaic tiles across the top and embed 4 jump rings at each side, apart for the two clap pieces that link to the chain - embed two jump rings for each of their corresponding sides. Ensure that your jump rings are well embedded with a loop sticking out, so that they don't get pulled out by the weight of the tiles.
Use your glue gun to secure the gems and diamant├ęs in place.

Using pliers - or tweezers if your jump rings are especially small - link all your sections together via the extraneous jump ring loops.
Finally, secure your chain and ribbon sides in place, using the pliers and jump rings, as before.

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