Monday 28 October 2013

Born lippy - How to DIY lip gloves

With designers paying lip service to 90s kitsch at the Spring 2014 shows, I thought I'd get in on the action!

The ultimate icon of classic kitsch and brazen lust is back, with Jean-Charles de Castelbajac, Peter Jensen, Saint Laurent and  Yaz Bukey all giving it some lip. So, while a cheeky smack of red lipstick still has fashion's seal of approval (perchance, with a kiss) I thought I'd 'share the glove' in DIY tutorial form!

You will need...


Very easy

Quick, easy, self explanatory - just be careful with the scalpel or I'm telling on you!


About an hour - maybe longer if you're easily distracted like I am and there's some good TV on!

Lip smack away!

Cut out the following shapes using grid paper - I found using that and folding the design in half are good ways of ensuring your lips are symmetrical. Let's not forget, it's definitely perfect facial symmetry you're going for here! If you're lucky enough to have a functioning printer (unlike me) you might want to print out the template out. Mine was about 9.5cm wide but you need to fit it to the gloves you're using.

Cut out two of each shape - namely, the red lips and white background (or teeth, maybe. I never know!).
Use your template (either piece will do) to trace a base curve across the back cuffs of your gloves. Cut along the lines with a scalpel and secure the edges of the fabric and lining by joining them with your glue gun.

Glue your lip pieces together and then stick them down using craft mount. I know it would be more economical and less confusing to do it with the glue gun but you're more likely to get flat, all-over adhesion on the desired surfaces with the craft mount. Personally, I'd say there is a difference in the quality of the finish - and it's definitely worth it!

As my DIY photo finish I decided to model the gloves in Instagram selfie form, with what I deem to be justifiable duck face posing because, you know, lips... pouting... that whole theme. No? Fine, whatever you say! Just trust me about being careful with the scalpel.

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