Monday 7 October 2013

Little Mink - How to DIY a Fendi owl bag

Fur, Fendi and forever-cool owl motifs are the very 'hoot' of fashion!

You will need...

I got my faux fur from here and here on eBay. The colours I chose were: grey, navy, black, cream, orange and pink, and came to about £27. The satchel was £8 from Primark. I already have some craft mount but if you don't, it'll set you back about £8.


Pretty easy

Actually, I can't think of a reason why this one shouldn't go on the furthest left end of the scale but as a lifelong crafter who gets wrapped up in projects like these so easily, it's difficult to judge and best to err on the side of caution. My gut instincts told me this tutorial wasn't quite a walk-over but it's still pretty straightforward.


2-3 hours. Maybe longer - I was distracted so it took me slightly more time than that but I'd say no more than an evening.

Total cost

This one's definitely on the pricier side of Chic Cheat creations. Mine came to about £35 and would have been more if I didn't already have craft mount. However, it's still a 76th of the damage done by the genuine article, which comes in at $4450, or £2765 at the current exchange rate, as of this entry!

Hoot couture!

I've gone over the outline in pen to make it clearer and taped my pieces to the bag but that part's also optional. What you need to do is trace the outline of half a side of your bag at the front, the back and on the flap; this is so that you can ensure that your design is symmetrical. trace out your owl face design and whatever you want to do with the back. I just gave mine a narrow stripe along the centre like the one on the original.

Cut out your paper pattern pieces and trace them onto your fabric, in the corresponding colours (you will probably need a dark pen to do this, or a metallic gel pen for the dark fabrics). Then, turn them over so that they're the other way round and trace around them again. Cut out your fabric and craft mount them to your bag. If you've got a glue gun, you might want to use it to tidy up the edges, especially if your fabrics fray as much as mine did, but this part's completely optional.

DIY Fendi fur owl satchel

...and there you have it!

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