Sunday 20 July 2014

Supra Duper - How to DIY Supra's painterly look on high top trainers

High tops are the perfect 'blank canvas' for painterly effects!



You will need...

 * I used both but you can use one or the other. I know fabric paints are expensive and you don't need to use anywhere near as many as I did - I'd recommend four colours, tops, with a mixture of runny silk paints and thick fabric paints.


Very easy

While an element of technique is required to pull off the messy painted look, it can be achieved by taking your time and really taking care. This is one of the easiest projects I think I've ever done and very therapeutic - flicking paint always is (cleaning up, not so much!).


As long or as short as you like, depending on how detailed and messy you want your project to be but I think you're hard-pushed to take more than an hour (unless, like me, you're extremely easily distracted!).

Get your splodge on!

The silk paint method

Squirt drips of silk paint along the tops of the trainers and the laces, alternating colours as you go and varying the distance between each drop, so that some paints run into each other and some stay as they are - a straightforward way to get the most out of few colours.

The fabric paint method

Yes, that says 'flick paint,' gutter brain! The trick here is to keep your brush as dry as possible; put it straight into the fabric paint and use a generous amount. Flick your brush in a short, fast upward movement so that the paint tapers off and leaves brush-like streaks.

Finally, get a generous splodge of fabric paint on the bristles and flick them at the shoes, causing the paint to splatter.
A quick drip, flick and drizzle with fabric paint is all you need to make a powerful print statement!

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