Sunday 6 July 2014

Unleash your marbles - How to DIY a Jean striped rainbow clutch by EdieParker

Cook up a stylish storm with a deceptively simple upcycle!


Of late, I've fallen in love with Edie Parker's marble-effect clutch bags. This designer's clutch motifs range from stripe patterns to quirky fruits and flowers and even bespoke name designs in a handwritten signature typeface. But above all, my eye was caught and my imagination captured by the rainbow clutch design, worn recently by country singer, Kacey Musgraves at the 25th Annual GLAAD Media Awards.

You will need...

* Amendment (added 21/07/2014): Use metallic paper, not tissue paper.*

I would also recommend using a paintbrush for the nail polish, in the interest of speed (just go with this one). You can also use it to create marble-like swirls in the nail polish, but it's technically optional.


An hour, tops.


Pretty easy

It's reasonably straightforward, if messy. It's a quick project, yet easier if you take your time - I mean that in the 'more haste less speed' sense, rather than the 'add a painstaking extra hour' you'll be pleased to know!

Add some stripes

As you can see in the picture, I've already done one side so, turning our attention to the clear side, you start by cutting the paper into strips of a similar width. The width you cut should depend on how wide the plastic box is. Mine were 2cm wide. You might need to make the first and last stripes slightly wider if the width isn't easily divisible by the number of stripes. Also, remember to measure with the curve of the surface if it isn't flat.  Pour a generous blob of nail polish over a small area.

 Spread the nail polish in a messy 'marbly' way using a paintbrush or the brush inside the bottle. Be careful not to waste the whole bottle in one gush - nail polish dries quickly and, when it comes to coverage, a little goes a long way.

Place each strip across the inside of the box. I recommend using metallic paper, so you should place them with the coloured side facing downwards.

Cut away the excess paper, close the box and you should be left with something like this:

Amended DIY


  1. Oh I Love this!!!! So clever! Where did you get the plastic box please?

  2. I got it with a set of plastic jars, which I use for my beads, diamant├ęs and various odds 'n' sods. I decided the box was taking up too much space so I used it to make a clutch instead - as you do :-p

  3. Thanks for replying!!! I actually have my Nan's vintage bag that looks so much like this Edie Parker (only:

    But I would not mess with it. I think it's perfect plain like that and have used it to display pearls on my vanity since I inherited it. I could not believe when the Edie Parker bags came out, I love them them, but I treasure mine so, I was torn to use it.

    Now I can make one that I won't worry about using! ! :-D Thank you, you clever girl!

  4. *whoops meant to say: (only there's no mirror inside)

  5. Wow, hello vintage envy! Haha! Definitely don't mess with antiques like that because you can't guarantee that your project will go 100% according to plan. Ever (I'm such a great advert for myself!). I'd recommend erring on the side of caution and using something disposable that you don't mind ruining if the worst comes to worst.