Sunday 14 December 2014

Re-Tweed - Another way to customise trainers in the style of Chanel

So good, I plagiarised them twice!

Sneaker (see more tweed shoes)

'Tis the season for sentimental retrospectives as we pore over the pop cultural profferings that set 2014 apart. In a year that gave tomboyish comfort items wardrobe staple status, there was arguably not one so distinctive as the artistic trainer trend - a must for she who shoots her street style snaps on a bicycle and gets a kick out of colourful customisation. I might have tried it before but I had to go back for one more try.

You will need...


Not pictured

Neon yellow and green acrylic paint.

Clear lacquer or a similar fixative.


Very easy

The main reason why I revisited this trend in DIY form was to find a method that was easier (still) than my last attempt and I'd definitely say that this project met that criterion.


1-2 hours.

Get your tweed on

Paint the soles in neon yellow and green and fix with clear lacquer once the paint has dried. 

Use craft mount to attach your tweed fabric. I used mine to cover the cushioned areas. If you find that the edges are a bit loose, you can tidy them up with a glue gun.
Paint the remaining panels in gold and silver.

Simple as

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