Monday 22 December 2014

The Burbs -How to DIY a Burberry Prorsum Hand Painted Cropped Jacket

Heritage meets hand-painting for the ultimate luxury winter staple.

You will need

A suede jacket (faux suede might work - I jammily inherited a vintage sheepskin number so I wouldn't know!)

  • Pink.
  • Dark green.
  • Brown.
  • Lime green.



Depending on the design you use and your fabric painting skills (I'd rate the design I did as moderate but if you were to simplify it, the painting itself is very straightforward).


1-2 hours per side.

Paint your swag on

I was going to illustrate the stages in gif form but, since my computer appears to be getting a little bit too much into the holiday spirit - that is to say well into 'can't be arsed' mode - I've decided to illustrate my various painting stages in video mode. Nevertheless, enjoy!

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