Sunday 22 March 2015

Boxy clever - How to DIY a Chanel Cassette Clutch

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As a practitioner of DIY fashion, the novelty statement clutch trend proved too tempting not to try. For my take I plumped for a perspex box upcycle inspired by a vintage Chanel clutch. I say vintage - I believe 2010 was the year!

You will need...

 I got my plastic cut here.

Not pictured

Black lettering (optional)

Black adhesive paper


Compass and pencil

Black pen


Very easy

While it does help to have a steady hand and to be a dab hand with a scalpel


About an hour.  

Crafting out of the box

To make a template for some 'reels,' draw four circles with the compass - one inside the other, in descending order of size. Using a fat black felt tip pen, outline the two outer circles and draw some lines between them. Colour in between the next two circles and draw some tiny lines on the inside.

Cut the shape out, then trace the outline and cut that out. It might help to use a fine-tipped clutch pencil for precision.

Peel away the backs of the adhesive paper and stick the 'reels' down.

Glue the plastic rectangular pieces in place, making sure they're concentric and line up with each other.

I added lettering and a chain (okay, the box I bought came with one, hurr hurr!) and while it's up to you to add whichever knick-knacks you see fit, that's about it really. Ans with that, you're ready to hit the street for a statement style shoot - as I'm sure you do!  

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