Monday 30 March 2015

Very Meow - How to DIY a Roschterra cat face fur jacket

Animal Fun (clipped to

Continuing with the faux fur trend, otherwise known as the DIY inspiration that keeps on giving, I decided to give the street style-friendly Roschterra cat face jacket a try. With its animal motif it namechecks not one but two fun fashion trends and it's super easy to make. I know, as a furry piece it is quintessentially wintery in its general theme, and yes, the clocks might have gone forward but in real terms, when it comes to braving the sort of elements you're likely to find at 50-or-more-degree latitudes, it simply means coming out from underneath the parka and jumpers and going lightweight on the outerwear - and in so doing, allowing for more creativity in the way of statement pieces.

You will need...

* I used white, yellow, blue, orange and peach.

Not pictured

Printer and A4 page (optional)

Gold paint pen

Pencil and A4 page (if you don't have a printer)


Very Easy

It's cutting and sticking without even needing to colour in.


About an hour.

Tip: Using a printer would make the project quicker.

Get your fur on

Print out the following template over an A4 page and cut along the lines with a scalpel.
Alternatively, put your artistic skills to the test and draw the design - or whatever design you want to collage onto your jacket  - onto a sheet of A4 paper.

Place the template on the wrong side of each differently coloured piece of faux fur fabric and, using the gold paint pen, trace each shape twice - remember to turn the paper over between each one so that the shapes in each pair mirror each other.

Cut each piece out.

Place the template on the jacket and trace the outline as best you can. Trim the fur as far down as you possibly can. Turn the paper over and repeat the process on the other side.

Stick each piece in place using craft mount.

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