Monday 6 July 2015

Cutting it fine - How to DIY a snug-fitting cut out top

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A bit of Acne action, my inspiration for figuring out how one cuts shapes that don't gape into a top, bodysuit or swimsuit  came from this cool top I snapped from Stylist magazine and embedded, semi-scrapbook-style. Here's the top again in black:

Acne Studios Deanna Cut-Out Swimsuit


Pretty easy

As I say with many projects of mine, it is said purely in the interests of back-covering and avoiding presumption as to how easy you're likely to find it. It's straightforward but like so many projects of this ilk a degree of manual dexterity is required.


30-45 minutes

Making the cut

Put the top on a mannequin so that you can fit it easily and accurately.

Cut out the shape you want for your design; you might want to draw it first. Bear in mind that the shape is likely to be at least slightly warped in the process so keep it simple.

For a snug. non-gaping fit, do a loose tacking stitch with a needle and thread about half a centimetre from the edge (eyeball it!) and pull it until it's 'skin-tight.'
Pin some bias binding along the inside of the shape and sew it in place along the outer edge.

Leaving loads of excess thread at both ends, stitch along the inside edge with the longest stitch your machine will do. Pull the thread tightly so that the bias binding ruches, easing the ruching along the binding so that it's consistent throughout the shape.

And there you have it. This process also works with bodysuits and swimsuits.

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