Monday 27 July 2015

Go (Hil)figer - How to DIY Tommy Hilfiger metallic star booties

Footwear Stills - Tommy Hilfiger Runway Show

A versatile wardrobe staple, Tommy Hilfiger's metallic star booties added just the right balance of glamour and Ziggy Stardust-era rock chic to capture the imagination of fashion insiders. And so, while these booties had celebrities and editors alike in raptures and I wanted in on the action, so I got crafting.

You will need...

Black suede or suedette ankle boots

Red enamel paint

4-6 squares (about 20x20cm) of differently-coloured metallic fabric - ideally leather or faux leather

Car body filler 

Palette knife

Craft mount (I recommend Crafter's Companion Stick 'n' Stay)

Fabric scissors

Felt tip pen (or something for sketching on the back of fabric)


Moderately easy

Sculpting the heels can be fiddly but apart from that, it's pretty straightforward.


About 5 hours.

Sticking stars...

The tutorial in full

A photo posted by Charley H (@chiccheatcharley) on

Trace out as many star shapes as you can on the back of your metallic fabric - if you need to - and cut out the star shapes.

Use your car body filler to sculpt the heel. I find that the best way of tackling it is to lie the shoe on its back, mix a generous dollop of body filler and slather it into a rounded shape the top of the heel, holding it in place about halfway down with the flat plastic applicator provided, until it dries. Then mix a second batch of body filler and repeat the process. Mix a tiny bit more filler and apply it with your palette knife to smooth down the sides. Once you've made your wavy heels, paint them with red enamel paint. I'd recommend two coats so that it's completely opaque.

Once the enamel paint has dried, stick the stars in place with craft mount.

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