Tuesday 11 August 2015

Too haute to rock 'n' roll? - How to DIY Tommy Hilfiger Rock 'n' rollboots

MAMA WE ALL GO TO HELL: Stendhal: Starman

You will need...

Black velvet ankle boots
Red enamel paint
Dylon 3D pearl paint in gold and silver
Palette knife
Car body filler 
Sand paper


Moderately easy

The heels are a challenge but apart from that, if you can paint dots in star shapes, you can make these shoes.


2-3 hours

 How to get the look

Use your car body filler to sculpt the heel. I find that the best way of tackling it is to lie the shoe on its back, mix a generous dollop of body filler and slather it into a rounded shape the top of the heel, holding it in place about halfway down with the flat plastic applicator provided, until it dries. Then mix a second batch of body filler and repeat the process with the lower half of the heel. Mix a tiny bit more filler and apply it with your palette knife to smooth down the sides. You might need to use sandpaper to smooth the surfaces once the body filler has dried. Once you've made your wavy heels, paint them with red enamel paint. I'd recommend two coats so that it's completely opaque.

Pin some paper to the side of one of the boots. draw a curved line. Cut along the edges and the curved line so that you have a stencil. Pin the stencil to each side of the boots and use it to draw a gold line, ensuring they're symmetrical and meet in the middle.

Draw some star shapes in dots using metallic 3D pearl fabric paint.

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