Monday 3 August 2015

Girlhoodie - How to DIY an Etre Cecile 'Big C' hoodie

You will need

A grey hoodie

Blue floral fabric

Black ribbon

White ribbon or canvas trim


Fabric glue


All-purpose scissors


30cm ruler



Very easy

The only challenge here is drafting the 'C' shape but (spoiler alert) I'll provide help with that in the form of a template. The challenge doesn't go beyond ironing and gluing.


1-2 hours.

A 'C' for yourself

Using the template above (you can print it or draft one up using squared paper), make and cut out a backwards C-shaped pattern, pin it to the 'wrong' side of your fabric (the non-patterned side) and cut the shape out in fabric.

Fix some Bondaweb to the fabric by ironing it in place.

Cut out the 'C' shape.

Pin the 'C' shape to the hoodie and trace an outline along the edge; unpin it afterwards.

Glue the black ribbon along the outline.

Iron the 'C' shape in place and glue the white trim inside the edge.

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