Sunday 26 October 2014

OMG-SM - How to DIY an MGSM fur motif coat

Fur and clothing in the craft room.

With high fashion straddling the areas of having the need for snuggly winter comfort covered and not taking itself too seriously, it has chosen to make both statements with brilliantly coloured fur. While there are plenty of examples to choose from, particularly in the Lolcore category, in my opinion, there's no example so fine as this MSGM rabbit fur motif coat.

You will need...

Not pictured: scalpel and silver marker pen.

Tip: Sniff around your local market for cheap faux fur and the internet for the jacket, as you can get some good deals (mine was only £25, which included the postage).


Very easy

This is one among many projects I've done that would fit under the category of very-easy-to-make-but-impossible-not-to-make-a-mess-in-so-doing if the laws of tagging were to permit it. It's quick, straightforward and - dare I say - almost therapeutic. Sadly, the latter isn't true of cleaning up afterwards.


I wasn't counting but I'm going to say somewhere between an afternoon's work and five hours, if that makes sense.

Get your coat...

Cut shapes into your card to make templates. I decided to use card suits for my design, whilst keeping the lips and hearts (which are, kind of, also a card suit, as I fully appreciate). I'd recommend using a scalpel for clean lines and precision.

Trace shapes onto the back of the faux fur and cut them out.

Pin the stencils to the jacket and cut the faux fur as flat as possible inside the shapes.

One you have cut out all the areas where you intend to put the shapes, attach them with craft mount.

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