Thursday 16 October 2014

#TBT - Winterlude

DIY Dries van noten jumper

Jumper - DIY/ collar - DIY/ Jeans - River Island/ Boots - River Island/ Earrings and Gauntlet - Freedom @ Topshop

Autumn, the idyllic lull between the intense summer heat (this year, anyway) and the breathtaking winter freeze. A solitary season of transitional calm. A melancholia of rich, earthy colour before the darkness sets in. Am I waxing too lyrical about the time we have to crank the heating up and pay handsomely for the privilege; come home from school, work or related institutions in darkness and spend our evenings in the confinement of our living rooms, huddled beneath a haze of yellow light and lukewarm tea? Come on, for a British person talking about the weather I can't be doing too badly!

DIY Dries van noten jumperAs a matter of fact, I used to love the winter as an older child and teenager. I loved the escapism of the darkness, especially while I looked out onto it from the warmth and light of my bedroom, in spite of how mad people thought I was and the opprobrium I faced for expressing such a passion. I mean, to actually look forward to four months of arduous weather conditions and perpetual dusk? I could only be one of two things: a vampire or just egregiously middle class! I can see how my New Rocks and solitary bedroom-friendly rock music collection could cause me to be misconstrued as the former but I was just spoilt for choice with my home comforts and the stunning home town of Kenilworth, where I grew up.  DIY Dries van noten jumperI had this outfit in mind, with the baroque opulence of the jeans print and mythical fantasy of the fire bird design in my DIY Dries Van Noten tribute, when I decided to shoot a selfie against the backdrop of the Kenilworth castle ruins - the perfect scene to envelop in a cloud of fog or a transcendent dusky horizon. For fear of clich├ęs and predictability, I threw in some punky paradigms of studs, metallic prism earrings and spiky hair because, well, things were just going that way. It was possibly because all this talk and mood-setting of myth and fantasy needed a bit of an edge and a distraction, so that the final look was less Game Of Thrones and more game face. Or something. It was a while ago. It's Throwback Thursday. I'm tired. I remember that I liked it and hopefully you do too! DIY Dries van noten jumper

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