Sunday 19 April 2015

DIY in a bottle - a quick tutorial for spicing up fairy lights

My third foray into home decor tutorials with the express purpose of repurposing saw me return to my trusty fairy lights, with a vial or three. Or twenty.

You will need...

In order for this to work, the bottles have to be tiny with wide enough necks for fairy lights to fit through, so I don't recommend that you use nail polish bottles. I got my bottles here.

NB: Make absolutely sure the fairy lights you use don't give off any heat (which is true of some LED lights), otherwise - not wanting to panic you or anything - the whole project could catch alight. And possibly your front room.


Very easy

...Not to mention very straightforward. You need to be reasonably dexterous with pliers and jewellery wire and that's about it!


About an hour, depending on how many lights you have to cover.

Strike a light!

Repeat this process with the rest of the lights and bottles.

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