Monday 13 April 2015

Pop the wall - How to recycle clothes to make Roy Lichtenstein-inspired wall art


You will need

Not pictured

Fabric scissors

Paper scissors or scalpel


Very easy

I've even thrown in a printable template to get you started and spare you some of the hard work. You're welcome!


1-2 hours.

 How to make your picture

Print or trace an image like this on as large a scale as you can - ideally over two sets of A3 paper. Join them down the middle and stick them to some bondaweb.

Now to cut the design out in bondaweb.

Cut along the lines to make the various different shapes in the picture; place the shapes on the fabrics you want to use (NB: make sure you place them on the 'wrong' side of the fabric) and iron them in place.

After that, cut the shapes out in fabric and peel away the paper.

Iron the fabric onto the black sheet to make the image. Then, staple the black sheet to the frame.

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