Wednesday 29 April 2015

It's glittery to talk - a five minute phone cover DIY

Just to update or rather elaborate on a previous entry, I thought I'd give phone cover customisation a try. While there were some lessons to be learnt and kinks in my methodology to be ironed out, though I say it myself, it's a super-effective five-minute DIY project for giving your phone its own unique style. DIY customisation can be a matter of necessity as well as individuality (I love my Google Nexus 5 but cover designs are somewhat limited). It's also enjoyable and therapeutic if you don't mind making a (truly beautiful) mess.

Tips for customising a phone

  • Make sure you spread your glue as evenly and thinly as possible.
  • Keep your design as flat as possible so that the phone fits properly and doesn't keep slipping out of the case. Keep to one layer of glitter and avoid textured items like gemstones or sequins.
  • You can also keep your design flat and thin by placing and spreading your glitter with a palette knife instead of pouring it from the tube.
  • Once you've finished your design, coat it with a thin layer of glue to protect it.
  • Wait for your glue to dry completely before putting your phone into the case or it could cause major damage.

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